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Our Profile, Mission, and Vision

Founded by President & CEO, Ruben Mirensky, IMCO Software is a leader in manufacturing and supply chain software applications. For more than 20 years, the IMCO Software team has been implementing ERP, SCM, and WMS systems and improving KPIs of companies around the world.

Our extensive manufacturing, supply chain management, and information technology expertise allow us to provide comprehensive solutions. These include analysis, design, construction, and implementation of technology driving continuous improvements.

As a complete manufacturing-process software provider, we offer a full spectrum of products that include Plan360, EnergyMax, OptiPoint Inventory Management, ActionBase Quality Management, and FactoryAI Computer Learning.

Our Timeline


Launched ActionBase a comprehensive Quality Management Application

Discover ActionBase2022


Launched Plan360 a Long Term Planning Software Solution

Discover Plan3602021


Partnered with Fishbowl Inventory Management for CIMAG-MES integration.

Discover Jiff-Kit2020


Launched FactoryAI a Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Application

Discover FactoryAI2019


Partnered with FloridaMakes. 

Launched EnergyMax an Energy Management Application

Discover EnergyMax2018


Partnered with Alpha-3i introducing CIMAG-MES, Time & Attendance, and Access Modules to the U.S. Market



Acquired A Plus Printer Repair and Online Toner to solidify the imaging capabilities of Kustura Technologies.

Discover OnlineToner2009


Acquired Kustura Technologies MSP to provide technical and functional support for ERP implementations. 

DIscover Kustura2008


Launched OptiPoint, and Inventory Optimization application. 

Discover OptiPoint2007

Founded in 1999

To provide ERP implementation solutions to manufacturers around the world. 


Have a challenge? We have the solution

Maximize uptime with absolute minimum materials.

Real-time upstream and downstream product and process traceability

Respond successfully to changing demand

Support any discrete manufacturing process on-the-fly

Use computer learning to avoid unplanned downtime and increase productivity.

Quality Management for all aspects of the operation.

Simplify, error-proof, and expedite operator experience

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