CIMAG-MES Plug and PLay

Full Version of CIMAG-MES Preinstalled for up to 16 Machines

Designed and priced with smaller businesses in mind, the Jiff-Kit doesn’t spare on power. This is the same, full-version CIMAG MES used by large manufacturing operations, with Fishbowl integration ready to go. Jiff-Kit comes preloaded on a mini-desktop as a complete, turnkey solution system.

graphic with a miniature desktop pc, a monitor with the Jiff-Kit logo displayed, the jiff kit logo, and the Fishbowl and Quickbooks logos

Explore the features and benefits

Manufacturing Execution System

Experience a full version of CIMAG-MES used by large manufacturers all loaded on a mini-desktop to provide the shop floor control you need for your manufacturing business.

IMCO manufacturing software Screenshot from CIMAG MES next to the text "State of the Art MES Solution"

Cloud Hosting or Local Hosting Options

Choose from local or cloud hosting solutions for your MES giving you the flexibility to meet your company’s specific needs.

concept of secured local servers and cloud based hosting of MES and manufacturing software systems

Start small and expand as you grow

With packages that include 4, 8, and 16 machines, you have the ability to scale your MES as you grow. Keep it affordable with monthly payments or perpetual licenses.

Manufacturing accountant uses PC in his office to calculate payroll for employees

Inventory and Bookkeeping Integrations

The Jiff-Kit fully integrates with Fishbowl Inventory Management as well as Quickbooks to provide your operation with all the functionality of an ERP system at a fraction of the cost.
Various screenshots from the Jiff-Kit/CIMAG MES application. underneath, the fishbowl inventory logo and the intuit quickbooks logo are displayed
Jiff-Kit MES in a box logo white


A powerful, scalable MES solution for small to mid-sized manufacturers.

Plug & Play Manufacturing Execution System

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Reduce Scrap and Rework

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Improve Up & Down Traceability

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Minimize Idle & Downtime

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Reduce Setup & Disassembly Time

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Reduce Response Time

Reduce Working Capital Tied Up in Inventory

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Have a challenge? We have the solution

Maximize uptime with absolute minimum materials.

Real-time upstream and downstream product and process traceability

Respond successfully to changing demand

Support any discrete manufacturing process on-the-fly

Use computer learning to avoid unplanned downtime and increase productivity.

Quality Management for all aspects of the operation.

Simplify, error-proof, and expedite operator experience

Latest insights for exceptional quality

Inbound material quality, in-process quality, outbound product quality, and corrective & preventive actions

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