Manufacturing Energy Management

Increase Profitability with Optimized Energy Resources

Quickly and easily identify efficient energy sources

Developed for manufacturers whose energy consumption represents an important line in their budget, EnergyMax uses a unique sub-metering process to provide the exact quantity and cost of the energy machines are using in each manufacturing operation. 

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Energy Sources

This unique application uses sub-metering to provide the exact quantity and cost of the energy your machines are using in each manufacturing operation.

Daily Business Use

EnerygyMax allows you to run “what-if” analyses to determine the most cost-effective energy source, enabling you to balance production to avoid peak charges. It also reports on CO2 footprint.

Reports for Rebates

EnergyMax provides CO2 reports that can be used to apply for rebates and incentives related to green manufacturing and factories.


EnergyMax: Optimize Energy Resources

Fast, simple, controlled production preparation even for large groups of engineers working in tandem.

Monitor and Improve Energy Efficiency

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Per-Piece Energy Cost

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Best Energy Source Selection

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Reports for Rebates & Incentives

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Reduce Peak Energy Costs

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Reduce Overall Energy Costs

Decrease Water Consumption

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Real-time upstream and downstream product and process traceability

Respond successfully to changing demand

Support any discrete manufacturing process on-the-fly

Use computer learning to avoid unplanned downtime and increase productivity.

Quality Management for all aspects of the operation.

Simplify, error-proof, and expedite operator experience

Latest insights for exceptional quality

Inbound material quality, in-process quality, outbound product quality, and corrective & preventive actions

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