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Digital Manufacturing Engineering

Faster Time-to-Market with Greater Flexibility, Control & Simplicity

Quickly and easily design every detail of production

Increase responsiveness of manufacturing to customer opportunities, by quickly and easily transforming CAD and bills of materials into interactive visual work instructions, the process route and logic, the inspection/repair/test/CAPA plans, automated machine instructions and operator/tooling/material verification. 

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Smart Guidance & Process Enforcement

Interactive and focused work instructions avoid delays and costs of mistakes. Rapidly develop visual work instructions for each work step. FactoryLogix leverages its awareness of the CAD design and the parts list to enable interactive visual instructions of both electronic and mechanical assemblies down to the most detailed level. Provide operators 3D views they can interrogate for detail, or use the same authoring system to immediately send visuals to FactoryOptix—Aegis’ Augmented Reality solution.

Adapts to Any Manufacturing Process

IFactoryLogix translates customers’ changing needs into working plans at a moments notice. Engineers model the routing design using a graphical flow diagram with logic conditions and routes, but this is a virtual process. The route becomes physical at the time of launch. This technology uniquely enables instant adaptation to emergency line conditions, seamless inter-factory transfer of products, single-piece flow support, and automatic MRO/RMA processing.

BOM, CAD, and Process Data Import & Transformation

FactoryLogix represents the fastest path from design to production whether you build your own designs, or build for others, reducing quotation time and time to market. FactoryLogix transforms customer BOM and CAD data into the full process design, machine data preparation, interactive work instructions and the quality plan needed to start production. For those with their own PLM system, it utilizes the design and process information by importing that information directly from PLM and utilizing it within the FactoryLogix process.

Fail Safe Data Integrity for MES

FactoryLogix mirrors PLM design data revisions, and in addition manages process design revisions and electronic reviews and approvals.  The entire process definition or individual operations may undergo their own approval. The review process is accelerated by presenting an intelligent side-by-side view of the changes found between the new version and its predecessor. Should the approval cycle take longer than expected, managers are immediately notified via an escalation email in order to take appropriate action

Zero-Code, Drag & Drop Operator Interface Designer

Operators work more quickly without mistaken when their user interface is personalized to their skill level and needs. With FactoryLogix, manufacturing  engineers design tailored user interfaces by dragging and dropping from a “toolbox” of gadgets  such as mini -dashboard, process controls inspection portals , labor tracking, workstation setup, etc. Arranging these gadgets in a design space creates a unique interface an operator will see on the shop floor. No Scripting, no code, no customization.

Rapidly Author Consistent Work Instructions

Consistent documentation layout, content, and design format helps operators and supports a professional shop-floor , and reduces preparation time . FactoryLogix documentation templates speed document authoring by automating most tasks and also providing uniform content and layout across the factory for each type of document. Global and smart text fields automate recurring data entry while also enabling instant revision updates across hundreds of documents in a click.


Factories preparing many product launches and ECO’s have a lot of work going on in manufacturing engineering. With several engineers all authoring processes for the factory floor at once, it can be difficult to know the status of everything and when each ECO or product will launch. FactoryLogix provides ‘MES for Engineering’ through its Task Flow Management. An entire tracking and analytics system to give engineers awareness of their tasks and progress, and management an overview of the status of jobs moving through the engineering office on their way to the factory floor. The result is digital orchestration of the factory office and NPI collaboration spanning departments and sites.

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Accelerate & Simplify Production Launches

Eliminate mistakes, expedite, and simplify creation of everything needed to begin production, including BOM and CAD cleaning, production route and quality design, and visual work instructions.

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Drive New Business Opportunities

All the capabilities you need to ensure you improve your product time-to-market and success rates, ultimately enabling overall product innovation performance to drive revenues.

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Standardize and Automate Best Practices

Easily automate single-piece flow, Engineer-to-Order (ETO), and Configure-to-Order (CTO) processes and reroutes while dynamically ensuring all documentation, revisions and instructions are up to date.

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FactoryLogix: Digital Manufacturing Engineering

Fast, simple, controlled production preparation even for large groups of engineers working in tandem.

Streamline Demand Planning Across All Variables

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Complete SIOP Management

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Multiple Planning Scenario Configurations

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"Best Fit" Demand Model Among 20 Predicted Models

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Forecast Staff, Inventory, Equipment, Packaging & Vendors

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Improve Lead Time

Reduce New Product Introduction Time

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Real-time upstream and downstream product and process traceability


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Augmented Reality

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Quality Management

Quality Management

Visual Work Instructions

Simplify, error-proof, and expedite operator experience

Latest insights for exceptional quality

Inbound material quality, in-process quality, outbound product quality, and corrective & preventive actions

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