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Going Green with Industry 4.0 Technology

Companies worldwide are witnessing a new movement within the Manufacturing Industry: a push for Energy Management and Conservation.

Manufacturing Execution System and Computer Learning software are two of the pillars for Industry 4.0 technology. Now Industry leaders are learning the benefits of going green by utilizing production data in combination with energy consumption information.  Energy Management System (EMS) modules, like the one offered in CIMAG MES, can help manufacturers increase energy efficiency and overall productivity. EMS modules are able to help balance production, help decide the best energy source combination for operations, and track water consumption and CO2 footprint. These examples indicate some of the profitable opportunities available to manufacturing companies that invest in Energy Management software. 


Energy Management software helps companies lower the cost of energy needed for production while maintaining the same amount of output. CIMAG MES is able to provide manufacturing companies a sophisticated shop floor control software incorporated with a built-in Energy Management System module, IMCO EMS. IMCO’s EMS module acquires data from smart sensors connected to machines on the shop floor. It is then able to combine this information with production data to provide alerts of malfunctions and leaks. This EMS module allows managers to formulate “what if” scenarios in addition to balancing production to reduce peak rates. When companies are able to view the results from avoiding peak usage and peak time surcharges by balancing production, the value of EMS software becomes very tangible. IMCO’s EMS module helps Operation Managers make the right decisions regarding:

  • Running Second and Third Shifts
  • The Product Mix Going Through the Plant
  • The Use of Alternative Energy Sources

 This optimized decision making provides an accurate allocation of energy cost to the products and the work centers they are produced in. This allows IMCO’s EMS module to deliver a realistic profitability analysis for Manufactures. 


One of the key features available in Energy Management software is being able to view consumption data, like usage and analytics, in real time. This information can be displayed on managers’ and supervisors’ computers via a dashboard. Supervisors can use their dashboard interface to develop unique tracking tools that monitor peaks and set parameters for each machine’s consumption. This consumption data shows the manager a visual breakdown of each machine. Seeing this information in real-time helps managers and supervisors make necessary changes quickly by being able to take these areas into consideration:

  • Energy Consumption and Rates
  • Water Usage
  • CO2 Emissions

These considerations are important and help minimize costs. Most importantly, they help companies stay in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations. Historically, production managers have not been able to bring actual energy or water consumption into the equation to determine which machine is the best to run certain products in. With an Energy Management System like IMCO EMS, those actual numbers become part of the equation. This provides a completely new dimension in the decision process. Manufacturing managers should be taking full advantage of these tracking tools in Energy Management System software.


“What if” scenarios analyses available with IMCO Software’s EMS module provide the answer to what is the best energy source combination for operations and the worthiness of investing in an alternative source. Decision makers are able to make decisions regarding these major capital investments with actual, up to the minute information, in addition to having the ability to weigh an infinite number of alternatives. Following is an example of an online “what if” comparison available in CIMAG MES’ EMS module:

Assuming the numbers above represent weekly outlays, this company would save $1,000.00/week switching from electricity to gas for this particular aspect of their operation.  Those savings will need to be put in perspective by bringing into the equation the cost of the investment needed to make the switch. 

In many locations, especially in the North of the US, gas companies have different plans and charge different prices per BTU (British Thermal Unit) if the company commits to shutting down the gas during the winter and using fuel instead.  The savings from the lower rates can be compared with “what if” scenarios based on actual data to determine what type of contract to sign on for.


A very important function of Energy Management software is being able to track your company’s CO2 Footprint. This is important because it benefits both your company and the planet. Time for change defines a CO2 Footprint as the total amount of greenhouse gases produced to directly and indirectly support human activities, usually expressed in equivalent tons of carbon dioxide (CO2). There are many grants and monetary rewards from Federal, State, and in some instances local authorities, for companies that reduce their CO2 footprint. IMCO’s EMS module is able to display your manufacturing companies CO2 Footprint in a variety of ways:

The overall total of CO2

CO2 Footprint per machine

CO2 Footprint Distribution per hour

A basic tenant of Six Sigma is that you can’t improve what you don’t know, and you can’t know what you don’t measure. Having the ability to track your company’s CO2 output will allow you to know and therefore improve your CO2 emissions helping reduce harm to the Earth’s atmosphere and being able to collect financial benefits at the same time.


Industry 4.0 is going green to help companies increase energy efficiency, balance production, and track the CO2 Footprint. Manufacturers are beginning to understand the level of significance from utilizing Energy Management. Investing in EMS Modules like the one offered by IMCO Software shows consumers your company cares about the planet. Establishing this type of reputation should be one of the primary objectives for every operations’ manager. The profitable opportunities mentioned above are obtainable for your company. However, your company needs to make an investment in Energy Management first because going green is no longer just a phase of the manufacturing market. It is now becoming a standard policy for leading companies within Industry 4.0 around the world.

If your company is ready to invest in Energy Management contact us today to request more information about our EMS module.

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