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La Martiniquaise

"MES and CMMS: An essential pair to increase the reliability of your production"

Guillaume Gohourou, La Martiniquaise

Connection between MES and CMMS is fundamental

80% of errors are related to production issues

A need for traceability to successfully meet customer's needs


La Martiniquaise

Established in 1934, the French corporate group La Martiniquaise is one of the ten international groups on the  Spirit  Market, due to a portfolio of internationally renowned brands: Label 5, Poliakov, Saint James, etc. In an effort to increase the reliability of its production processes, decrease errors and downtimes in production lines, and trace the different stages of the processes more efficiently, the group decided to implement an MES (Manufacturing Execution System), paired with its existing CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) solution.

Guillaume Gohourou, Maintenance and Method Engineer at La Martiniquaise, has offered feedback on the deployment of this solution through an interview.

A Tool Meeting the Various Needs of Organizations

“For years, we used to manually manage our production, using paper as a basic traceability tool. Under such conditions, it was challenging to track and keep records of orders. As a result, the Quality and Production departments expressed a strong desire to digitize workshop management, in order to meet control, traceability and reliability  needs  and  requirements.   Moreover,   as  we experienced frequent machine downtimes and breakdowns, we needed to be able to identify the root causes to promptly intervene. Consequently, we decided to acquire an MES tool capable of connecting to and being integrated with our existing maintenance tool.

“Our organization developed a detailed and specific statement of work before receiving several offers and eventually choosing to select two providers.”

Reactivity and Assistance: Alpha-3i and IMCO Software’s Strengths

“After selecting two solutions, we reached out to their customers before making a final decision. We ultimately decided to opt for Alpha-3i and IMCO Software. Our decision was based on two primary factors, the features corresponded to our expectations and the feedback from their customers was highly positive.

“We therefore deployed CIMAG Production in our factory in Charenton, which is our company’s headquarters. Their teams were highly reactive and successfully satisfied all our requirements by creating several specific developments. Additionally, CIMAG Production is paired with our CMMS software, CARL Software, which was essential for us.”

Quickly Noticed Advantages

“On-site deployment was performed swiftly. Advantages quickly emerged as well. As a matter of fact, it led to significant timesaving: in the event of a breakdown on the

“production line, the operator enters the corresponding data in the MES software which automatically generates an intervention command in the CMMS software.

“Thus, maintenance teams can rapidly intervene and resolve the issue. Before the implementation of the MES, our teams often forgot to generate the intervention command and we experienced prolonged machine downtimes, which no longer occurs today.

“The deployment of CIMAG Production also enabled us to better monitor our production: when we receive a claim, we can more easily and quickly retrieve the work order (WO) and all data concerning the production. Before, we always had to look for the documents, which could take up to a day. Today, we can access the required information in less than an hour.

“Finally, by implementing the MES software, we have been able to identify the most recurring technical issues. Thus, we were able to justify the costs of investments in new equipment and machines, which had not been previously possible.”

Deploying the MES at the Headquarters, a First Step for the Group

“We have multiple factories in France and abroad. We intend to deploy the CIMAG Production solution through all our subsidiaries. However, beforehand we need to modernize and update our machinery so that the different equipment can communicate with each other. These are the next challenges we will take on.”

— Guillaume Gohourou, Maintenance & Method Engineer at La Martiniquaise