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This application provides manufacturers with the ability to formulate inventory and supply policies based on sales and consumption data collected from their ERP system, creating a robust approach to achieving inventory balance.

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Establish your relative priority among supply reliability, lead time, and customer expectations to meet your targets without surplus or inadequate inventory.

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Fully integrates with your existing ERP system to formulate inventory and supply chain policies that help you achieve inventory balance.

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Select a custom service level and modify the different selections to see the impact that service level will have on working capital tied up in inventory.

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  • 27% Improvement in Annual Inventory Turns
  • 25% Reduction in WIP
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  • Build Robust Supply & Inventory Policies
  • Integration with any Legacy ERP
  • Custom Service Level Selections
  • Build Unique Service Level Scenarios
  • Accurate Calculations Using Sales and Consumption Values
  • Adjustable to any Level of Supply Reliability, Resupply Frequency, and Supply Lead Time
  • Decrease Working Capital Tied Up in Inventory