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"A need for more reliable production indicators, which are essential for the Aviation industry"

Antoine De Romémont, Permaswage

The connection between ERP and MES is fundamental

80 production operators using the solution

More accurate and reliable production indicators



Permaswage, a US-based company with operations in several countries, is the world leader in the design and manufacturing of permanent fluid connections for the Aviation  Industry.  In order to make its production processes more reliable, rationalize its IS, and obtain new production indicators, the company has decided to implement a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) tool.

Antoine De Romémont, Methods Manager at  Permaswage, has offered feedback on the deployment of this solution through an interview.

Change in ERP and Update of the MES Solution for Seamless Production Monitoring

“The Aviation Industry has highly specific needs and is evolving rapidly. Our production includes manual labor, therefore, the organization of the workforce is essential. In order to identify workshop loads and human resources needs, we need to be able to process firm orders, monitor the traceability of materials and individuals, and carry out detailed quality inspections (self-inspections, statistical analyses, etc.). All these operations are performed using precise indicators. That is why we implemented an MES solution more than 5 years ago.

“In 2016, as part of a continuous improvement process and to develop our activity, we needed to change ERP. This new tool is the backbone of our company, therefore of our production. The WOs (Work Orders) are generated directly in the ERP and subsequently automatically distributed to our operators. All production operations are then entered in our MES solution and updated in the ERP. Thus, everyone can follow the production progress. However, the connection between our new ERP and the old version of our MES CIMAG Production solution was not optimal. It was therefore important to reconsider our MES tool.”

A Partner Who Knows the Challenges of Our Industry

“We wanted to deploy the new solution very quickly. We contacted Alpha-3i and IMCO Software who introduced us to the new version of CIMAG Production. It didn’t take long to convince us! The new version seemed to suit all our needs. In addition, we have been working with them for a number of years: they know our industry and our company very well. They are able to offer the appropriate solutions right away.”


Quickly Noticed Advantages

“The update was quickly operational (about 3-4 months) and covered 90% of our needs. We subsequently requested specific adjustments and developments. Again, the Alpha-3i and IMCO Software teams were very responsive and available. A technician even regularly came on site to assist us. All our requests have been satisfied!

“Our solution is now more ergonomic, and visual. We have more indicators regarding our production: return rate, percentage of production time, time  allocation on a machine, etc. In addition, our operators can more quickly and efficiently report issues of production due to unplanned events directly on the machine (breakdowns, lack of raw material, etc.). Each operator has a personal view of their activity and production monitoring (WO progress, return rate, scrap rate, etc.). Everyone knows what they’re supposed to do. It allows us to make our production more reliable, anticipate activity peaks, and optimize resource management.”

Production Management, but not Only…

“We are working with Alpha-3i and IMCO Software for production management as well as our HR management. We are also equipped with the CIMAG Attendance solution for our French site. It allows us to build productivity indicators (for example, manufactured part ratio/hours worked), enter leave requests directly into the software, and manage overtime.

“Going forward, we want to integrate production scheduling into our ERP or MES solution. Currently, we manage it via an SQL database, an “in-house”  developed tool,  but this is no longer compatible with our production management.  I know we can count on Alpha-3i and IMCO Software to support us  at  this level as well.”

— Antoine De Romémont, Methods Manager at Permaswage