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Predictive Maintenance Machine Learning

Maintenance Management Software for Machines and Increased Uptime

Quickly and easily predict and prevent equipment maintenance malfunctions

FactoryAI is an application that uses sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms along with data from a historian to accurately predict future machine breakdowns and malfunctions and avoid unplanned manufacturing machine maintenance, unscheduled downtime, and costly interruptions.

Screenshots of FactoryAI machine learning software dashboard

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Computer Learning

Artificial Intelligence algorithms and data from a historian combine to accurately predict future breakdowns and malfunctions.

screenshots of the FactoryAI machine learning software dashboard

Daily Business Use

Experience a level of reliability backed by a historian of data and intelligent algorithms that are more accurate than any human calculations.
screenshots of the FactoryAI machine learning software dashboard

Performance Based

A sophisticated application that provides the ability to foresee your machine’s performance and avoid unplanned, unscheduled, and costly interruptions.

screenshots of the FactoryAI machine learning software dashboard
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FactoryAI: Predict and Prevent Equipment Malfunctions

Artificial Intelligence combines with a data historian to reduce unplanned downtime.

Artificial Intelligence Prediction and Prevention

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Decrease in Production Interruptions

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Real-Time Equipment Monitoring

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Reduce Repair Cost

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Reduce Emergency Maintenance

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Improve Cycle Time

Improve Schedule Attainment

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Real-time upstream and downstream product and process traceability

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Simplify, error-proof, and expedite operator experience

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