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Leveraging Manufacturing Software in Precise Applications

Ensure complete visibility throughout the entire operation with manufacturing software applications that provide compliance measures, traceability, machine performance, and inventory management.

End-to-end traceability of materials, personnel, machines, and tools provides insights to improve processes, reduce waste, and free up working capital.

Software applications that provide actionable analyses to control every aspect of the manufacturing process including energy consumption and optimization.

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Mecafi, a Nextam Group company, specializes in high-speed machining of engine parts. During the production of the LEAP engine, which equips, among others, the Airbus A320 Neo and the Boeing 737 Max, Safran entrusted Mecafi with a large part of the production of the aluminum stator blades of these new-generation engines.

To ensure the traceability of the production of these parts, Mecafi deployed CIMAG-MES Production.

Maximum visibility of production
for workshop managers.

Better coordination between operators
and workshop managers


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Maximize uptime with absolute minimum materials

Real-time upstream and downstream product and process traceability

Respond successfully to changing demand

Support any discrete manufacturing process on-the-fly

Use computer learning to avoid unplanned downtime and increase productivity.

Quality Management for all aspects of the operation.

Simplify, error-proof, and expedite operator experience

Latest insights for exceptional quality

Inbound material quality, in-process quality, outbound product quality, and corrective & preventive actions

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