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The manufacturing arena is a constantly evolving space, with new emerging technology and improved best practices being implemented at all times. Manufacturing goals are generally organization- and product-driven. Many focus on productivity and efficiency, and revenue. But, there are more rudimentary goals to focus on that are necessary in order to achieve that high productivity and efficiency. All manufacturers look to achieve the following in hopes that they can achieve effective operations and profitability.

Visibility Manufacturing Goals

It is impossible to measure the success of an organization of the various functions within it without having a clear, up-to-date, and accurate picture of every process and end result. Those making decisions for the organization need this accurate data to measure efficiency and make efforts to both improve that and reduce production costs where possible. Inefficient workflows or processes left to function as such will have negative effects on overall productivity over time.

What type of data does an organization need visibility into? On the equipment and personnel side of things, manufacturers need to know how each machine and operator is performing at all times. By analyzing performance data, decision-makers can improve things like scheduling and maintenance efforts. Visibility also allows for higher overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Inventory is another area where collecting data is critical, both for the timely production and processing of orders and for the reduction of excess inventory of raw materials and finished goods.

The manufacturing space comes with a multitude of compliance regulations, on both the local and national levels. Visibility into these critical areas of the production process help ensure organizations and their operations remain compliant and adjustments are made if necessary.

Accuracy Manufacturing Goals

Ensuring accuracy in collected data is just as important as collecting it. For manufacturers to achieve end-to-end traceability of materials, personnel, machines, and tools, they need precise data collection methods as well as a way to correctly analyze and digest that data to then make decisions to do things like improve processes, reduce waste, and free up working capital tied up in inventory. Collecting and analyzing accurate data means more efficient production planning and personnel scheduling.

Control Manufacturing Goals

Once manufacturing organizations have accurate and timely access to data within the production process, they can analyze – and ultimately control – all aspects of that process. This includes everything from energy consumption to optimizing scheduling and order fulfillment. Without a high level of control, it’s difficult to maintain efficiency both on the shop floor and within all other business functions that are necessary for an organization to thrive. Lack of control likely results in reduced sustainability for the organization.

How to Achieve Visibility, Accuracy, and Control within a Manufacturing Facility

Most manufacturers keep these three goals in mind when making decisions and implementing solutions for their facility. Luckily, there are many innovative and effective software solutions to help in achieving them and keeping organizations running smoothly and profitably. 

Nearly all successful manufacturers choose to implement a manufacturing execution system (MES) within their organization. An MES acts as a shop floor control system that provides real-time data and communication between the manufacturing side of things and all others within the company. These functions include business development, vendor management, human resources, maintenance, and more. Having transparency and ease of communication among different departments and individuals means fewer miscommunications and more accurate decision-making. Ultimately, an MES helps keep manufacturing organizations in sync, boosting productivity and profitability.

Along with MES solutions, there are a number of other manufacturing and supply chain software applications that bring companies the visibility, accuracy, and control they desire. Many manufacturers utilize an energy management system to help monitor and control energy usage. When it comes to inventory, most employ an inventory management system of sorts as well. Mismanaging inventory – both finished goods and raw materials – can be costly for manufacturers. It can lead to excess waste or the inability to fulfill orders effectively and on time. The latter can be detrimental to customer satisfaction and both sides of the spectrum ultimately lead to lost revenue.

Every organization is different in terms of needs from their software, and the complexity of those needs means the best way to ensure success is by curating a suite of solutions specifically tailored to an organization’s structure, needs, and existing technology in place.

IMCO Software – Experts in Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management

Navigating the world of software applications and technologies can be challenging, especially due to the need for solutions customized to your specific needs. The team at IMCO Software understands the complexity of those needs and brings the expertise and industry experience to be able to design, build, implement, and maintain software solutions that meet needs and transform the shop floor and overall manufacturing operations. In fact, we have been helping manufacturers become more productive, increase efficiency, and lower production costs for over two decades. 

We work with organizations to determine specific needs and goals. Through our proprietary software and our partner integrations, we are able to offer a robust suite of technology designed to improve KPIs across the board. If you are looking to transform your shop floor, better manage inventory, or simply, improve your efforts to achieve visibility, accuracy, and control throughout the production process, the team at IMCO can help. For a consultation or to schedule a demo of any of our manufacturing software solutions, reach out to our team today!