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Three Ways to Transform Your Shop Floor in 2019 with MES Software

The future of Manufacturing is here, so it’s time decision makers have answers to pivotal manufacturing questions. Do any of these seem familiar: How can our factory be optimized? What can we do to enhance communication? How can we efficiently analyze our data? If so, this blog is for you! Here are three ways to transform your Shop Floor in 2019 with Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software.


Most decision makers are aware of what an MES is, but majority of them aren’t 100% clear on how it can benefit their company.  First, MES Software does not replace Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software. In fact, it enhances the functionality of the ERP by allowing your company to customize the software to its individual needs.

According to IMCO Software President, Ruben Mirensky, “The purpose of an MES is to seamlessly exchange data across the whole organization.”

Knowing that the power of data will be a huge driving force for Industry 5.0, manufacturers should take notice. Utilizing CIMAG’s state-of-the-art MES software will give companies in 2019 the ability to completely customize and control their data within one product.

Mirensky goes on to say, “Data acquisition is an important part of an MES because it’s used in determining issues with your current operations and drawing the baseline upon which to build improvements. After that baseline is developed, the MES software can be customized to achieve those operational improvements.”


Now let’s look at how MES Software influences Smart Factories. Back in March, we discussed how companies could evolve into Smart Factories with CIMAG MES. How is this beneficial to you in 2019? One word, Automation.  Automating your facility and becoming a smart factory is the best way to transform your shop floor in 2019. Automating outdated systems like paper shop packets, excel schedules, and more… will increase company productivity and efficiency. According to customer feedback, CIMAG MES helped companies achieve Schedule Attainment performance higher than 90%, reduced scrap and rework by more than 33%, and increased machine utilization by more than 15%. Just imagine the problem areas of your company at the moment. How many of them can be solved by automating production and digitizing documents?


Becoming a Smart Factory with the aid of an MES can help your company perform better in all stages of manufacturing. With this type of software your company will be able to increase efficiency and productivity. It can improve manufacturing operations by:

  • Helping to manage company data by pulling it in real-time and as close to the source as possible
  • Transforming the pulled data into information that can be used all across the factory
  • Providing a continuous flow of information and communication between each level of the company

The next step in transforming your shop floor in 2019 is developing a strategic operations plan.  The key word decision-makers need to pay attention to here is strategic.

Implementing an MES software is considered a strategic move for your 2019 operations plan because it acts as the foundation for your company’s success.  As your team ventures into developing an operations strategy, focus on setting realistic milestones throughout the year to produce goal-oriented results.


This seems like a pretty straight forward, common sense type of suggestion. However, as the Industry evolves, the culture of your company should as well. According to the article How Technology is Changing Manufacturing, employment for manufacturing has dropped from 14% to 8% between 1996 and 2016.

If you do a simple Internet Search on “Satisfaction Rate of Manufacturing Employees” the results are limited in regards to workers being satisfied with their jobs. Part of this dissatisfaction rate stems from frustration. This most likely includes frustration with: Long Schedules, Not having proper training, and Lack of Communication between departments. What if I told you MES software can help resolve some of these problems?

User-Friendly Modules

Companies tend to put lots of pressure on workers to maintain benchmarks and quotas. This can become frustrating and difficult if your employees don’t understand how those benchmarks and quotas are calculated. CIMAG MES conquers this problem by making the modules very user-friendly.  Having user-friendly modules lowers the amount of time needed for employees to be trained on using system. This helps limit time spent away from their main functions while learning how to use MES software.

Updates that won’t disrupt workflow

Another benefit of implementing an MES in 2019 is that any time you make a change “in the background”, it is transparent to the workers on the floor. In other words the company is able to implement changes in their ERP system without having to retrain the workforce on the floor. This helps workers stay confident in their abilities to operate the system and concentrate on the machines and production line. The benefit? The company is saving time and money by not having to invest in retraining workers any time a change or update occurs. Try utilizing MES software in 2019 to create a positive work environment that enables your employees to feel valuable this year.

Enhanced Communication

An additional benefit of MES is it helps increase employee morale by enhancing communication. Have you ever tried to relay a message across the factory only to run into one of these issues?

  1. You couldn’t find the employee you were looking for
  2. The message you wanted relayed was misconstrued before it got to the proper recipient (aka “the telephone game”)
  3. The person who was supposed to deliver your message simply forgot to

 If you have ever worked in a factory, these scenarios are all too familiar. With a Manufacturing Execution System like CIMAG MES, work personnel receive alerts in real-time. These alerts include changes in the schedule, when maintenance work needs to be completed, when an employee leaves a machine to take a break, and when machines stop just to name a few. The ability to see this information in real-time is a huge benefit for manufacturing companies.


It’s time to transform your factory in 2019! From productivity to efficiency, CIMAG’s MES Software has you covered. Use this New Year as an opportunity to evolve into a Smart Factory by taking advantage of everything Manufacturing Technology has to offer. Try developing a strategic plan establishing realistic targets and goals along the way. Most importantly, give your employees a better work environment. Together with Manufacturing Execution System Software, these items will be huge game changers for shop floor control in 2019. 

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