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Workshop to be Presented at IMPACT 2018 on "Industry 4.0 - Bringing the Factory of the Future to Today" by Industry Expert, Ruben Mirensky

CEO of IMCO Software Ruben Mirensky will show how manufacturing companies can compete in today’s Global Economy, where capital and technology flow a lot easier than what they did decades ago. He will review ways Manufacturing companies can evolve their technology to cover not just automation, but their supply chain and manufacturing processes as well.

During this presentation we will explore how the Industry 4.0’s 4 design characteristics, Interoperability, Information Transparency, Technical Assistance, and Decentralized Decisions can help manufacturing companies increase profitability by:

  • Dramatically Increasing Uptime
  • Substantially Reducing Scrap and Rework
  • Providing Traceability
  • Drastically Reducing Working Capital Tied-up in Inventory


Mirensky will explain how Industry 4.0 brings higher levels of efficiency and effectiveness to the above-mentioned elements of the manufacturing and supply chain processes.

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