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2018: The Year of MES Integration

MES Software is starting to play a pivotal role in the way manufacturers operate. Decision makers in the Manufacturing Industry are starting to understand the true value of integrating Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Software with existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. This new-age relationship between the two software programs has the potential to increase both productivity and efficiency while improving overall Shop Floor Control. It’s why business leaders across the nation are making MES integration a priority for 2018. 


Why is MES Integration becoming so prevalent this year in the United States? It’s because Manufacturing in America is growing. Companies want to remain competitive not only nationally, but globally as well. That’s why it is important for businesses to find an MES software that can be seamlessly integrated. This cuts down the implementation time. IMCO Software’s product, CIMAG MES, is an ideal MES software because it can be integrated with most any ERP or Legacy system. Their team provides full implementation support from start to finish. This overall process helps establish a user-friendly program that compliments the existing ERP system. 


After integrating with MES software, companies will soon see how the two data management systems balance one another. While ERP’s focus on strategic management, MES software like CIMAG MES provides a more sophisticated approach to operations’ management. These programs communicate with each other to improve ERP functionality by providing enhanced transparency, flexibility, and efficiency. This connectivity is managed through customizable modules like Scheduling, Inventory Management, Traceability, Data Management and more.

One of the main benefits of utilizing MES software is the ability to monitor data in real-time. This real-time visibility provides insights into key performance indicators. The importance of real-time monitoring cannot be stressed enough. According to Ruben Mirensky, CEO of IMCO Software, Real-Time flow of information is the key to improving shop floor operations. Examples of information displayed in real-time include machine performance, deviations from the schedule, job completion status, quality issues, and more. CIMAG MES uses this data pulled directly from the source, mainly the shop floor, to display visual alerts across the entire company. This type of hands-on control gives business leaders the ability to measure OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) like never before.


Industry 4.0 is continuing to thrive with no signs of slowing down. Staying competitive during this shift in manufacturing is essential. Integrating MES Software with your existing ERP can help your company maintain its competitive advantage by increasing productivity and efficiency. Remember, MES software offers a more sophisticated approach to operations’ management. It’s an investment that usually pays for itself in two years or less. Using an MES product like CIMAG MES can provide an ROI higher than any other software implemented by your company. This is how MES Integration is paving the way for successful businesses in this new era of digital manufacturing. The question is, will your company be one of them?

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