Forward vs. Backward Traceability in Manufacturing

traceability in manufacturing factory being reviewed by administrators in a factory

Traceability remains a buzzword in the manufacturing world, and for good reason. Achieving high traceability within an organization essentially means materials or product components are consistently and accurately tracked from initial arrival at a production facility to finished goods being shipped, including which machines processed them and which machine operators as well. Real-world high traceability  […]

Top Reasons to Implement a Manufacturing Execution System in 2023

graphic showing the movement of boxes across the world

Advancements in technology and manufacturing software solutions continue to create more efficiencies within the space each year. For those organizations looking for that greater efficiency and productivity in 2023, implementing a robust software solution is nearly always a step in the right direction. A manufacturing execution system (MES) is a great option for those not […]

Three Types of Impactful Manufacturing Software Solutions

plastic 2 liter bottles on a conveyor belt in a Beverage manufacturing plant

Manufacturing is a complicated process with many different organizational functions working in tandem to produce and sell a product. Succeeding in the space requires efficiency, strong cross-functional communication, accurate monitoring and reporting, and high visibility when it comes to how machines and personnel are operating. Prior to technological advances seen within the industry over the […]

The Differences Between Scrap, Rework, & Spoilage

two factory managers examining factory work products for scrap and rework

The Differences Between Scrap, Rework, & Spoilage In the manufacturing world, the terms “scrap,” “spoilage,” and “rework” are often used – all describing costly occurrences that companies make all efforts to avoid. In a perfect world, equipment wouldn’t malfunction, humans wouldn’t make operating errors, and all raw materials would be converted into finished products able […]

What is a Manufacturing Execution System?

image of factory floor

What is a Manufacturing Execution System? When it comes to manufacturing, both ensuring efficiency and streamlining production are crucial to profitability. How a facility goes about this varies with different industries, equipment types, and personnel expertise. However, there is one common thread when looking at the most efficient manufacturing facilities – most (if not all) […]

MES: Why you need one if you manufacture anything

IMCO manufacturing software mes manufacturing execution system concept with big word or text and team people with modern flat style - vector

IMCO Software has created an elegant solution that improves efficiency and profitability in manufacturing by giving manufacturing decision-makers real-time information about the current conditions on their shop floors and enables control of the many moving parts in the manufacturing process. This includes control of inputs, scheduling personnel, controlling machines, coordinating support services, managing inventory, processing orders, and providing visibility and traceability at their fingertips.

Three Ways to Transform Your Shop Floor in 2021 with MES Software

woman wearing a hard hat using a tablet device on a factory floor while being monitored by manager

Three Ways to Transform Your Shop Floor in 2021 with MES Software The key to successful manufacturing in 2021 and beyond is automation that maximizes available human resources while increasing efficiency and controlling costs. More uptime, less capital tied up inventory, up and down traceability, reduced scrap and rework, and on time delivery all contribute […]

Manufacturing Execution System: Pros and Cons

techy background with a man using a tablet - tablet has the word "Automation" on it, and a search icon next to it

Manufacturing Execution System: Pros and Cons As with all software implementations, MES implementations have their own benefits and risks. If they didn’t have any risks, everyone would already have an MES for their shop floor. It’s important to weigh the risks and benefits against each other so you can make the best decision for your […]

How to Increase your ERP’s Effectiveness by Implementing an MES

Factory executives reviewing long term planning configurations on a tablet

How to Increase Your ERP’s Effectiveness by Implementing an MES Introduction In this blog, we will talk about how to implement MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems), and ERP systems. We will also look at long-term planning in a different way than the norm. We will challenge the perception of MES as an extension of ERP systems, […]