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Producing goods is just one aspect of manufacturing. It’s critical that those items produced are top quality and that the production process itself is streamlined, safe, and abides by all government regulations and compliance stipulations. Quality management refers to the continuous process of closely overseeing the various activities and tasks within the production process to ensure quality standards are met and timelines are adhered to. While multiple options exist when it comes to quality management software solutions – ActionBase stands apart from others with its comprehensiveness, ease of implementation, and its ability to create transparency throughout the organization that allows for data-driven decisions, streamlined communication, and processes that allow for optimal efficiency. 

From Shop Floor to Top Floor

Achieving optimal productivity first requires that internally – the organization runs effectively. We live in a time where utilizing technology in the right ways can greatly impact efficiency when it comes to internal processes and procedures. ActionBase makes it easy to streamline processes at each stage of the production process to ensure quality standards are met, the organization remains in compliance with any governing regulations, and contracts are met consistently.

ActionBase comes loaded with pre-built templates for standard operating procedures (SOPs) that manufacturers can quickly and easily customize based on their needs and quality standards. It’s important to develop, implement and continuously improve SOPs for all functional areas of the production process to ensure quality remains top priority.

The software’s interface also allows manufacturers to incorporate potential risks into their decision-making matrix. It factors in compliance requirements and includes a business continuity plan so that decision-makers can monitor and adjust as needed to reach its goals.

One of the most unique aspects of the ActionBase software is the transparency it offers to organizational leaders regarding any important company and employee information. Creating this transparency means decision-makers have access to all information needed to make smart decisions for the company and its team. Only when full transparency is reached are leaders fully informed on the health of the organization and each of its core functions.

With that transparency also comes ease of communication. ActionBase makes it simple to coordinate contracts, manage individuals and teams, and even manage vendor contracts and relationships.

The Impact of Implementing ActionBase

Because ActionBase is highly customizable, it has been effective across a variety of organizations and industries within the manufacturing space. Manufacturers have seen greater visibility and simplified decision-making processes. Communication has improved and accountability has increased. The software collects and stores all incoming and outgoing pieces of correspondence, making it easy to refer back to and fewer miscommunications.

Of those who have implemented the software, all love the quickness and ease of that implementation. The software’s interface is highly intuitive, making it easy to navigate and customize things like production workflows. User management is simple as well, so manufacturers can ensure all stakeholders who need access to real-time information have that at the ready. In some cases, not all users need the same access level. ActionBase allows for custom permissions across user groups or even on the individual level.

On the safety side of things, ActionBase has led to significant positive trends within implementing organizations. In fact, utilizing the ActionBase software solution has – on average – led to:

Environmental incidents refer to occurrences like fires and chemical spills. Health and safety incidents refer to situations where employees are injured or acquire a work-related illness. In many cases, an event qualifies as both of the above. Limiting incidents is obviously important for keeping employees safe in the workplace. However, it also helps manufacturers remain in compliance with governing bodies like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which work to ensure employees are protected and safe on the job. OSHA has strict rules when it comes to reporting incidents as well. The visibility and transparency ActionBase creates means quicker and more accurate reporting. 

ActionBase and Improved Quality Management

Often, software like ActionBase is implemented mostly because manufacturers want better quality products coming off the production line. Because it streamlines processes, creates better visibility throughout the manufacturing process, and simplifies communication throughout the organization, ActionBase has led to an average of a 5% reduction in customer rejects and returns. There have also been positive trends seen when it comes to scrap and rework numbers.

Producing quality products, operating with streamlined systems and processes, and creating visibility and ease of communication throughout the organization are three solid steps towards achieving sustainability as a manufacturer. Combined with the right suite of other manufacturing software solutions, ActionBase can help ensure that a company functions effectively and efficiently. 

ActionBase helps align companies, their leadership teams, employees, and vendors – all in a single interface. It makes decision-making easier and decisions themselves well-informed. A demo of the software is often the best way to truly comprehend its ease of use and functionality. For a demo of ActionBase or any of our other software solutions, we encourage you to reach out to the IMCO team today!