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2019: A New Era for SMEs Across the Manufacturing Space

Technology is constantly evolving the Manufacturing Industry. The need to stay competitive is why many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are taking advantage of technologies such as Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software. Many business leaders believe manufacturing software is only for large corporations. This popular thought process may have been true previously, but now companies like IMCO Software are creating manufacturing software with small businesses in mind. CIMAG MES is a state of the art MES software designed specifically for SMEs. 


CIMAG MES offers small to medium-sized manufacturers the opportunity to become more productive, increase efficiency, and most importantly lower costs. In 2016 Pete Doyon, Vice President of Product Management at Schleuniger Inc. predicted the need for MES throughout manufacturing for small to midsize enterprises. Doyon stated, “As the cost of technology continues to drop, even small-to-medium-sized companies can realize immediate savings and a quick return on investment by implementing a manufacturing execution system (MES).” This was a bold prediction back in 2016, but Doyon was correct. His optimism in MES for small manufacturers is why I expect 2019 will be the start of a new era for SMEs across the manufacturing space. Continue reading to discover the many advantages of utilizing manufacturing execution system software like CIMAG MES


CIMAG MES is the ideal manufacturing software for SMEs because of its modular design. This design, customized to meet the needs of small to midsize manufacturing companies, allows decision makers to “pick and choose” functionalities. This common sense practice is why many smaller manufacturing companies are turning to companies like IMCO Software.


There are many advantages for SMEs utilizing CIMAG MES. CIMAG’s state of the art system gives companies the ability to customize modules for their unique business needs. This process presents companies with the opportunity to use MES software as if it were tailor-made for them. For example, let’s say a company only assembles products and doesn’t use machinery. CIMAG MES can be set up so reporting and notifications take place using alternative sources of data acquisition. Having more than one option is important, especially for small business enterprises.

Flexibility is another key component found within CIMAG MES. Small to medium-sized companies require a software that can keep up and easily accommodate changing needs. CIMAG’s user-friendly software makes production tasks simple. For example, CIMAG MES offers SMEs a flexible platform to schedule work orders using JIT and ASAP logic interchangeably at the click of a button.

One of the most impressive functionalities for smaller manufacturing companies is that CIMAG MES can act as a stand-alone system. This means your company doesn’t need an ERP or Legacy system for it to work. IMCO Software can also seamlessly integrate their MES software with any ERP or Legacy system. However, if your company does have an ERP or Legacy System IMCO Software can seamlessly be integrated with them. Technology that can stand alone or easily bolt on to your existing ERP system is perfect for smaller manufacturers. It’s a win-win no matter where your company is starting from. Let’s say for example your company only has 3 machines. You really don’t need an ERP system. The ability to use CIMAG MES as a stand-alone becomes a necessity in those type of manufacturing environments. Having a software that can grow and evolve with your company is a huge benefit when looking at long-term objectives.

Another key advantage is that CIMAG MES can help manufacturing companies’ lower costs by increasing productivity. Since MES software is becoming more affordable, smaller enterprises are now able to spend less to save more. If your small business is constantly dealing with high production costs, CIMAG MES can help optimize your schedule by providing information in real time. Your company will then be able to determine the best way to allocate resources. CIMAG MES does more than just optimize scheduling, it can also help small manufactures reduce scrap and rework and increase uptime. Each of these areas transforms into profitable ROI’s.


Manufacturing is not a “one size fits all” industry when it comes to software technologies. Small to midsize manufacturers should be able to have access to customized solutions just like large corporations do.  IMCO Software makes this possible for small manufacturing enterprises. Designed with small businesses in mind, CIMAG MES helps smaller corporations become more productive, increase efficiency, and lower costs. Is your company ready to join a new era for manufacturing as an SME in 2019? If so, click here to schedule your free demo now.

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