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Workshop to be presented at Smart Manufacturing Experience in 2018 on "Manufacturing Execution Systems in a Robotic Environment" by Industry Expert, Ruben Mirensky

Join IMCO Software CEO, Ruben Mirensky as he demonstrates how implementing Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software in conjunction with Robotic Technology can help manufacturing companies increase profitability. Ruben Mirensky is recognized as an industry leader who has over 30 years of experience as a
supply chain expert. Mr. Mirensky holds an MBA degree, serves on the FMA Software Advisory Council, and is a CPIM member and Vice President of APICS Southeast Chapter. He has also been involved in supply chain consulting projects worldwide.

Ruben Mirensky will explain how CIMAG MES uses a state-of-the-art scheduling tool to increase throughput, provide enhanced traceability and help reduce working capital tied up in inventory while at the same time improving OTIF (On Time In Full) delivery. He will discuss data acquisition by using machine sensors in combination with inputs made by operators at the source. He will highlight the advantages of using CIMAG MES to achieve real-time overall Shop Floor Control.

Mirensky will explore how the data collected can be translated to actions that will increase uptime, reduce scrap, improve Customer Service and avoid scheduling conflicts. Participants will have the opportunity of raising issues that specifically affect their operations.

About our product: CIMAG MES is an innovative, powerful, state-of-the-art modular shop floor control software package that redefines MES technology. It makes it possible to deliver relevant accurate information in real-time to improve profitability by optimizing productivity, and efficiency.

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