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Partnership - IMCO Associates, Inc. and RCMBT Partnership Annoucement

IMCO Associates, Inc. is pleased to announce our newest partnership with RCMBT.

RCMBT and IMCO have forged a partnership that will significantly reduce maintenance costs and bring incredible savings to the manufacturing sector.
IMCO Software Computer Learning module is a state-of-the-art module that helps control maintenance costs. IMCO Computer Learning module uses an historian and sophisticated algorithms to determine when equipment and/or tooling need to go through preventive maintenance. The data provided by the historian includes variables such as temperature, pressure, vibration and/or a combination of those conditions and it is used to predict when a mal-function or breakdown is most likely to occur.

RCMBT similarly uses historical data to learn the best way to fix predictable failures. Those predictable failures are not limited but do include equipment malfunction. RCMBT dramatically shortens the learning curve on how to minimize predictable failures and the best way to fix them when they occur based on past experience data.

RCMBT has concentrated its efforts in successfully helping airlines improve their operations. Especially private carriers and cargo carriers have experienced the most dramatic results. IMCO will expand these opportunities of improvement to the manufacturing space in general. RCMBT solution can perfectly well be applied to equipment and tooling in any industry. The same algorithms used to analyze data and determine how to shorten the time to fix the part of an airplane engine can be used to determine how to shorten the time to fix a damaged shaft in a press.

Both Gord Haynes, RCMBT’s CEO, and I are very excited not only about the expansion of our business’ horizons, but most importantly the benefits our partnership will bring to our customers.

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