Feedback Mecafi MES Aerospace Dematerialization Industry Interview with Grégory Huyart,Special Processes Sector Manager at Mecafi “MES has transformed our workshop leaders into real team builders” Grégory Huyart, Mecafi Produces 70,000 pieces per year An increased need for traceability Complete digitization of production monitoring OBJECTIVES Reliability of a large production volume Digitize all production monitoring Adapt […]

La Martiniquaise

Feedback La Martiniquaise MES CMMS Traceability Manufacturing Interview with Guillaume Gohourou,Maintenance & Method Engineer at La Martiniquaise “MES and CMMS: An essential pair to increase the reliability of your production” Guillaume Gohourou, La Martiniquaise Connection between MES and CMMS is fundamental 80% of errors are related to production issues A need for traceability to successfully […]


Feedback A. Schulman / LyondellBasell MES Time & Activity Management ERP Aviation Interview with Antoine De Romémont, Methods Manager at Permaswage “A need for more reliable production indicators, which are essential for the Aviation industry” Antoine De Romémont, Permaswage The connection between ERP and MES is fundamental 80 production operators using the solution More accurate […]


Feedback Aubrilam MES Time & Activity Management CE Certification International Interview with Christophe Piasco,Head of the Research & Innovation Division at Aubrilam “MES, a true leverage for obtaining CE certification” Christophe Piasco, Aubrilam Substantial time and productivity gains Visual management at the center of the production plant Interconnection between the ERP, MES, and Time & […]

Duncha Flexonics

Feedback Duncha MES Automobiles Traceability Industry Interview with Catherine Onfroy,IT and Logistics Manager at Duncha “Automation of the transportation of information to Silverprod ERP from the MES as well as controlling production with more precision” Catherine Onfroy, Duncha Reduce production problems Anticipate resource needs Improve traceability OBJECTIVES Improve production planning Have data for analysis Have […]


Feedback Pyroalliance MES Aerospace Industry Traceability Manufacturing Interview with Roland Ferrato,Method Engineer at Pyroalliance Interview with Fabian Cristoforetti,Operations Director at Pyroalliance “Using the MES, we were able to enhance our responsiveness, the quality of our products, and the reliability of our production” Roland Ferrato, Pyroalliance Increase in reliability, responsiveness, and quality More than 2,000 work […]


Feedback Hutchinson MES Visual Management Time Management Interview with Stephane Chabaille,ERP Manager at Hutchinson Excellence System “The reliability of production processes is a key element of continuous improvement” Stephane Chabaille, Hutchinson Fully customized MES solution Visual management at the service of continuous improvement Innovation, punctuality, and reliability of workflows OBJECTIVES Increasing the reliability of the […]

A. Schulman / LyondellBasell

Feedback A. Schulman / LyondellBasell MES Traceability Quality Scheduling Interview with Manuel Angulo,Manufacturing Manager at A. Schulman/LyondellBasell “Our excellent results in terms of traceability have led the management to extend this MES approach to the group’s other plants” Manuel Angulo, A. Schulman From a local project to an international strategy 12 sites already equipped in […]