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How to Achieve a Paperless Factory with MES Software

One of the main resources companies are using to become Paperless Factories is Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Software. CIMAG MES, a type of MES software, helps companies go paperless by establishing a digital data management system. MES Software allows operators to view pictures, designs, graphs and setup instructions in a more detailed format. CIMAG MES makes the schedule a living document that updates in real-time in response to events taking place on the shop floor or in the management office. These reasons are why this digital manufacturing process is becoming a primary objective for Manufactures within Industry 4.0. 


MES software enables manufacturers to develop enhanced digital versions of items like schedules, documents, inventory, and more. These digital copies replace the outdated shop packets filled with loose papers, the chaotic sticky note schedules, and cumbersome Excel spreadsheets. Getting rid of these old-fashioned systems can help avoid costly errors caused by lack of clarity in the instructions, drawings or schedules.


Human error is the biggest risk companies take when manually distributing information via paper documents. It creates a window of opportunity for things to get overlooked, messed up, or forgotten. These errors can negatively impact scheduling, communication and customer service just to name a few. Events on the shop floor such as unplanned downtime, personnel issues, or materials’ delivery issues will translate to changes in the schedule. In a paperless environment, changes made to the schedule get transmitted digitally and are visible to every party involved as soon it’s updated.

CIMAG’s virtual schedule provides a colorful, interactive, and user-friendly interface. It helps reduce oversights by providing changes and alerts in real-time across the company. Operators see upcoming scheduled events right on their screen once the schedule is updated. Managers are able to see machine status among other customizable fields across the shop floor. This real-time visibility creates transparency within the company. This transparency evolves into an enhanced communication system between departments.


There are many benefits from displaying information in real-time. Changes in safety protocols, QC instructions, maintenance alerts and priority changes become visible to everybody at the same time once inputted in the system. Without this type of software, supervisors may get distracted from their main responsibilities in order to distribute updated information and instructions. Why waste time and money on manually distributing this information when it can be done in real-time electronically with CIMAG MES?

Many clients using IMCO Software have achieved up to 33% reduction in scrap and rework. Other companies using CIMAG MES have noticed an increase in machine utilization by more than 15%. These numbers are something to think about if your company is looking to reduce costs while improving productivity and efficiency.                  


Scheduling has the most substantial effect on customer service and productivity. Eliminating something as simple as handwritten documents can easily improve customer service. A customer’s experience is essentially based on these three factors:

  • The time it takes to receive the finished product
  • How easy it is to track and receive up to date information on the order status
  • The quality of the finished product

Businesses that have used CIMAG MES observed an increase in schedule attainment performance higher than 90%. It’s a huge benefit for companies to use a real and attainable schedule that’s visible to everyone. This is because it helps the Customer Service Department provide Customers accurate information regarding their orders in a timely manner.

CIMAG MES can also help your company reduce lead time by utilizing intermittently ASAP and JIT scheduling logic at the click of a button. ASAP logic allows the scheduler to front-load the shop. This means using resources in the shop as soon as they become available. JIT logic provides visibility as to where there are gaps or capacity pockets. This visibility lets the scheduler see where rush orders can be inserted while having a minimum impact on the schedule as a whole. Are you ready to improve your business’s productivity and customer service with IMCO Software?


Going paperless with CIMAG MES is simple, but remember it’s not the only benefit the software provides. It helps improve productivity and increase efficiency for your business while reducing overall costs. Companies using CIMAG MES to become paperless factories can avoid costly human errors, enhance communication by providing information in real-time, and improve customer service by eliminating the hassle of paper documents. It’s vital and cost-effective to invest in a system that improves the operations of your entire company.

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