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Industry 5.0 - The Future of Manufacturing

The technology of today is gearing us up for what’s ahead in Industry 5.0. Last month we discussed how Big Data and Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software work together in Industry 4.0. Manufacturers were able to produce more products, reduce costs, and increase profitability like never before because of those two systems. That relationship created an opportunity for automated manufacturing environments to prosper. Looking ahead, what can we expect from smart factories of the future in Industry 5.0?


First, let’s look at some of the descriptions for Industry 5.0 at the moment: The Quiet Revolution, The Human Touch Revolution, The Factory of the Future, The New Era for Modern Manufacturing, etc. All of these examples give us a glimpse of what to expect from the exciting future of manufacturing.


In recent years Robotics Automation was an industry game-changer for companies across the Manufacturing Space. Just when we thought human-robot innovation reached its peak, Industry 5.0 is presenting us with manufacturing “cobots”. This may seem like a new word for some, but “cobots” were actually invented in 1996 by Northwestern University Professors J. Edward Colgate and Michael Peshkin.

Cobots, short for “Collaborative Robots”, will be at the forefront of manufacturing plants in the future. The most significant function of cobots will be to work together with humans to create custom finished goods. This element is driven by the increasing desires of consumers for individualized products. In other words, customization is going to be the focus for products in Industry 5.0.

If you look at the Automotive Industry, for example, people are wanting to buy a car that they “helped” design. Consumers can customize their own purchase by selecting the color, model, engine, and even the sound system. There are even car vending machines that will deliver the finished car to the consumer. All of these elements play into the psychological effect this has on customers in Industry 5.0.


It’s very important for manufacturing companies to keep a competitive edge during Industry 5.0. According to Phill Cartwright, Executive Chairman of the Centre for Modelling & Simulation, “With Industry 5.0, you’ll be able to automate the manufacturing process better, which means you’ll have real-time data coming in from the field.” The question is, how will companies use this real-time data to meet the demands of consumers?

According to Cartwright, “Industry 4.0 starts to move towards Industry 5.0 when you begin to allow customers to customize what they want”. Due to the growing need for customized products, the next Industrial Revolution will be extremely deadline driven. In order to meet these deadlines, companies will have to find new methods to increase productivity.

One of these methods will be using cobots for the routine and mundane tasks because it allows them to optimize their operations’ plan. Operators and workers will add value to this method by adding “the human touch” via critical thinking skills. Combining these two smart systems is how manufacturers will survive the deadline driven environment.


One of the best investments for manufacturers in this new industrial revolution will be implementing Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software. Utilizing this type of manufacturing software will enable companies to optimize shop floor control like never before. CIMAG MES is a great example. This MES software uses real-time data pulled from sensors to develop and display Key Performance Indicators, also known as KPIs.

These KPIs are then used to enhance the production performed by cobots and humans. Even though this is only one function of CIMAG MES, the software can also be customized to meet the needs of the consumer. Decision makers around the world should be adding MES software into their project planning mix. The wants of consumers are going to drive the need for increased productivity and efficiency across the entire manufacturing space in the factories of the future. This is why MES software will be a great asset for companies in Industry 5.0.


With every Industrial Revolution comes the release of new technologies. Industry 5.0 will be introducing some interesting innovations. One of these impressive developments is the use of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistant. In other words, a company has designed the “Siri” of Manufacturing, called Luigi.

According to Saline Lectronics, “AI and voice controlled assistance are an important part of just about every part of our future, at work, at home and in the car between the two. Access to Luigi will be through mobile devices as well as on the factory floor…”

Can you even fathom this? Imagine being a supervisor and seeing the temperature in the frozen warehouse rising. Instead of sending a worker to go manually investigate the issue, you could ask the AI assistant. Within seconds the assistant can:

  • Troubleshoot what is causing the temperature to rise
  • Solve the problem by fixing certain components
  • Summarize the issue and recommend settings to prevent it from occurring in the future

This sounds extremely far-fetched, but according to Saline Lectronics, it’s possible. They believe that AI delivers the promise of rapid processing of large amounts of data and deep machine learning. This vision allows them to foresee the use of an AI Virtual Assistant Application in Industry 5.0.


One of the most interesting components of Industry 5.0 will be the ability to choose from a list of State of the Art solutions. What do I mean when I say that? I mean that the future of manufacturing will be filled with exciting innovations like the ones mentioned in this article: Artificial Intelligence, Cobots, and sophisticated Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software. Let’s consider the previous scenario again as an example. Manufacturing software, such as CIMAG MES, can provide real-time alerts across the entire company that the temperature is rising in the warehouse. This means the proper personnel is alerted almost immediately. This is a huge benefit for businesses who depend on time management as a tool to increase productivity. Instead of sending a human worker to the warehouse, the supervising manager could choose to dispatch a cobot to see what is causing the problem. Essentially, manufacturers will have the ability to select which of these advanced technologies to utilize in Industry 5.0 and that is incredibly impressive.


A New Industrial Revolution is approaching and I’m excited to see where it will take the Manufacturing Industry. From new advancements in human-robot collaboration, the needs for customized products, and impressive innovations like AI manufacturing assistants…the possibilities are limitless. It makes me wonder if Industry 5.0 is known as The Quiet Revolution because it is sneaking up on all of us. If we blink, will we miss it?

With Industry 5.0 just around the corner, it’s time to invest in MES. For more information about automating your Shop Floor with IMCO Software please click here.

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