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A Guide to Sustainable Manufacturing using EnergyMax Software

Revenue generation isn’t the only target manufacturers work toward annually. In fact, a variety of key performance indicators (KPIs) drive manufacturing operations. There is a growing desire among manufacturers to improve sustainability when it comes to energy use. Motivations behind these efforts vary.  For some, it is simply a matter of complying with new regulations and laws around sustainability. There are now also financial and tax incentives offered by government entities for improving sustainability. For others, energy consumption accounts for a large portion of the organization’s budget, so seeking more sustainable ways of operating helps shrink those costs and keep the budget in line. Overall, there is a consensus among manufacturers to operate as efficiently as possible, lowering energy costs and limiting the impact on the environment at the same time.

The Role of Technology in Sustainability Efforts

Efficient energy use begins with implementing systems to accurately measure energy usage. Having a clear baseline prior to implementation of any efficiency measures allows manufacturers to truly understand the impact of those measures on both efficiency and sustainability. As technology continues to improve, decision makers now have access to incredibly in-depth usage reporting and the ability to monitor and control usage down to each individual machine on the production floor.

Most responsible manufacturers implement some type of energy management system (EMS), especially those with energy efficiency as a driving KPI. An effective EMS collects and stores energy usage data from the field. That raw data is then accessible to system users in a variety of formats, including monitoring tools, graphics and illustrations, and analytic tools. These systems are automated and most provide this valuable data in real-time. Facility leaders can then make decisions regarding energy use to best manage these energy resources. Real-time visibility is highly coveted across all business functions, so having an EMS that offers that likely means more informed decisions and wiser energy use.

Features and Benefits of EnergyMax Software

The team at IMCO Software has developed an energy management software solution, valuable to top manufacturers across a wide range of industries. Specifically, the system was created for those organizations where energy costs represent a large portion of their budget. The efficiency and sustainability of a manufacturing organization depend on accurately monitoring and controlling energy use. The EnergyMax software ensures that pricing structures for items are properly crafted, based on the energy costs. The system offers the ability to track consumption down to a specific machine, an item produced, or a machine operator.


As previously mentioned, the first step in improving energy efficiency and sustainability is establishing a baseline. One aspect of the EnergyMax software is its Identification abilities. The software uses sub-metering – allowing manufacturing leaders to measure exactly how much energy is being used and the cost of that energy.


Raw data is critical, but understanding the significance of that data is equally as important for manufacturers. The EnergyMax software provides “what-if” analyses, so that decision-makers can investigate how potential changes might affect various factors around energy use, such as cost and CO2 footprint. Having access to hypothetical results of key decisions means manufacturers can select the most cost-effective choices that balance production, reduce energy costs by avoiding peak rate periods, and monitor and control CO2 emissions.

Data Reports 

Improving sustainability positively impacts multiple aspects of an organization. There are often government incentives or rebates obtainable to manufacturers taking steps to improve efficiency and reduce energy usage. However, applying for these financial incentives requires detailed, accurate reporting. The EnergyMax 

Software not only monitors CO2 emissions – but also provides detailed reports on those emissions, as well as other critical measurements required by authorities prior to awarding most incentives or rebate offers.

EnergyMax works best for manufacturers looking to reduce emissions or water usage, obtain efficiency incentives, or simply reduce their environmental impact while also reducing energy costs and increasing profitability. Its application extends across a variety of industries. On average, manufacturers who have implemented the software solution have experienced:

  • A 16% reduction in peak energy costs
  • A 12% decrease in overall energy costs
  • An 11% decrease in water consumption

The solution results in such strong improvements due to its sub-metering abilities – allowing organizations to truly understand the energy costs associated with producing a single product. Also, most manufacturers have access to a number of different energy sources. EnergyMax allows them to analyze the various sources and costs associated with them in order to determine the best energy source for operations moving forward.

Maintaining efficient operations continues to be a top priority for most responsible manufacturers. With EnergyMax, manufacturers can make informed decisions surrounding energy use, to optimize how those resources are consumed throughout the production process. Optimization leads to greater efficiency and overall increased profitability.

No matter your goals as an organization – be that energy efficiency, better traceability, decreased lead times, etc. – the team at IMCO Software has a suite of solutions to support those goals. For over 20 years our team of manufacturing experts has been developing and implementing software solutions designed to improve several KPIs. We bring decades of industry experience and expertise in supply chain management and IT. The team continuously strives to offer solutions that are comprehensive, easily implemented, and scalable as your organization grows its operations. If you’ve got goals surrounding productivity, efficiency, and profitability, we would love to help you achieve them.  Contact us today to discuss your needs and the customized solutions we can offer to fill those and help you achieve your manufacturing goals.

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