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It’s time to end scheduling nightmares across the manufacturing space. The sole reason scheduling nightmares still exist is because some companies are still trying to manage complex schedules via spreadsheets or magnetic whiteboards. The question is why? Manufacturing companies should be trying to avoid these outdated practices. With today’s technology, objectives such as complete visibility, preventing human errors, increasing machine usage, etc. are completely attainable with automated scheduling modules. These modules can be found in most Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software packages. For this blog, I will be reviewing a scheduling module from IMCO Software. This module comes standard with CIMAG MES software. Continue reading to discover your company’s full potential by utilizing CIMAG’s State of the Art Scheduling System.


In Manufacturing, there is no such thing as a simple schedule, true or false? Many decision makers and business leaders may say “true”…but IMCO Software is changing that notion.

Production managers understand that in order for a schedule to be successful and run smoothly it needs a strong, comprehensive, and balanced workflow. CIMAG MES Scheduling helps establish this balance by providing customized scheduling logic, user-friendly graphics, innovative scheduling tools, and complete visibility within one program. It’s one of the key reasons why clients using CIMAG MES are able to achieve Schedule Attainment performance higher than 90%. 


A common problem for companies using older, alternative systems is that they can’t maintain absolute control. CIMAG MES puts the control back in the hands of scheduling supervisors through its state of the art scheduling features. Let’s take a look at one of the most impressive scheduling features CIMAG offers which is Dynamic Routing.

Dynamic Routing is one of the most interesting tools found in CIMAG’s scheduling module because it’s generally not included in other manufacturing software packages. This software provides companies who depend on this type of routing an advantage over competitors. So how does it work? Dynamic Routing uses an algorithm that takes into consideration the set-up, run, and disassembly time of production sequences. This information is then processed through the system to determine the most efficient way to run production. For example, let’s say a company manufactures a product that involves a color wheel with the colors: white, black, red and blue. The company knows Black takes the longest to clean up after production and white involves the least amount of time. This information can be used in combination with CIMAG’s Dynamic Routing logic to schedule production in the most efficient way, i.e. lighter to darker, etc.


Two of the most crucial components of a schedule are flexibility and visibility. IMCO Software delivers the scheduler a colorful display with user-friendly graphics in addition to sophisticated scheduling tools. Providing this type of automated schedule with tools like drag and drop, switching mode, etc. can be very helpful. Color options and custom filters also let companies modify the viewing options to create a workspace that works best for them. Think of CIMAG’s scheduling module as the place where flexibility and visibility meet. Some of the characteristics involved in this process include:

Part of CIMAG’s flexibility comes from the module’s ability to run JIT (Just In Time) and ASAP (As Soon As Possible) logic interchangeably at the click of a button. This establishes a flexible schedule that can be easily managed by the supervisor.

Time management is very important in terms of meeting deadlines. With CIMAG MES Scheduling, companies can effortlessly track production down to one-quarter of an hour intervals. This gives management the ability to make proper adjustments when needed.

How does your company usually track scheduled labor? Do you have to go into another program and open a new screen and jump between the two? Eliminate that headache by viewing this information on one screen. CIMAG’s capacity overview shows you a simple illustration of how many workers you need vs. how many workers you have. The blue line indicates how many workers are scheduled and the red line indicates how many workers are needed for production. This is an effective tool for determining if you should cut any operators early, or start calling people to see who can work extra shifts.

Unfortunately, manufacturers are all too familiar with those “last minute” add-on orders or product changes. When you need to make quick decisions, trust CIMAG’s scheduling module to provide you with accurate “what if” scenarios. These scenarios offer companies the opportunity to see how changes will impact production before fully committing to the change. Talk about a win-win.


IMCO Software created an interface that is extremely user-friendly with interactive functionalities. CIMAG’s scheduling software includes a colorful display, user-friendly graphics in addition to sophisticated scheduling tools. These items create an easy-to-use workspace inside of CIMAG’s State of the Art Scheduling module. CIMAG’s automated schedule can help companies reach their full potential by improving overall performance. That’s why it’s time to put an end to scheduling nightmares. Companies who are ready to enhance performance, continuously satisfy customers, and eliminate human errors should be investing in technology like CIMAG MES. Automated schedules are no longer the future of manufacturing, they are “the now”.

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