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IMCO Software Launches CIMAG MES

IMCO Associates, Inc. has partnered with Alpha 3i, a well-known French Software company that developed the innovative CIMAG Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to introduce it in the USA.

CIMAG MES enables manufacturing companies to automatically collect data in realtime so that decision-makers can make the changes needed to increase productivity. It is a modular flexible system that seamlessly interfaces with a wide range of ERP and other legacy systems.

In today’s complex market that stresses manufacturing in the USA, this unique software can help companies in a wide range of industry types, decrease manufacturing costs, minimize cycle times, avoid delays, prevent inventory imbalances, increase operator efficiency and improve quality and productivity.

CIMAG MES helps enhance communications between the manufacturing and support teams, dramatically reducing downtime. This innovative and easy-to-use software enables Maintenance, Quality Control, Housekeeping, EHS, and other units to react promptly and minimize downtime.

High schedule granularity and the capability of switching scheduling logic intermittently between JIT and ASAP with the click of a button, helps Planners make the most out of the work centers capacity.

To explore how CIMAG MES can help your company drastically increase profitability, visit us at FABTECH EXPO, Booth # C40523. For more information, visit our website

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