CIMAG Production logo overlayed on an image of a woman in a hard hat interacting with a tablet on the factory floor with a manager

INCREASE PROFITABILITY WITH CIMAG MES U.S. manufacturing companies face increasing challenges to remain competitive and profitable in today’s global economy. Accurate, real-time information is essential to monitor produciton, detect the source of slowdowns, and reduce re-work and scrap. CIMAG MES is a proven software system that provides all parties involved the visibility needed to increase […]


Jiff Kit logo overlayed on a display of the Jiff-kit. Shows a monitor with the IMCO logo, a wireless mouse and keyboard, and a mini desktop that contains the Jiff Kit software

CONTROL YOUR SHOP FLOOR IN A JIFFY WITH THE Jiff-Kit The Jiff-Kit is an all-in-one Manufacturing Execution System (MES) made with small manufacturers in mind. It comes in a preloaded mini-desktop with all the hardware, software, and training necessary to bring full shop floor control to a small manufacturer. FULLY FEATURED Get all the features […]


PLan360 Long term planning software logo over a photo pf stacked growth and revenue charts for a factory

Plan360 Discover this comprehensive planning tool that encompasses demand, long, medium, and short-term planning. Give your operation the tools to implement and maintain an SIOP process successfully. DYNAMIC Coordinate demand and capacity planning to improve customer service and production. INTEGRATIONS Fully integrates with your existing ERP system and provides the tools to implement and maintain […]


OptiPoint inventory management software logo in front of a warehouse with forklift and inventory boxes

OptiPoint This application provides manufacturers with the ability to formulate inventory and supply policies based on sales and consumption data collected from their ERP system, creating a robust approach to achieving inventory balance. DYNAMIC Establish your relative priority among supply reliability, lead time, and customer expectations to meet your targets without surplus or inadequate inventory. […]


FactoryAI machine learning software logo in front of factory machines assembling goods

FactoryAI A sophisticated application that provides the ability to foresee your machine’s performance and avoid unplanned, unscheduled, and costly interruptions. RELIABILITY Artificial Intelligence algorithms and data from a historian combine to accurately predict future breakdowns and malfunctions. DAILY BUSINESS Experience a level of reliability backed by a historian of data and intelligent algorithms that are […]


EnergyMax energy management software logo in front of a line of electricity meters measure consumption

EnergyMax Energy management software applications are leading the way in cost reduction for manufacturing companies where: energy consumption represents an important line in their budget, water consumption is constrained, or reducing the CO2 footprint is a must. IDENTIFICATION This unique application uses sub-metering to provide the exact quantity and cost of the energy your machines […]


ActionBase quality management software logo over a picture of a factory worker inspecting the final products manufactured by the factory

ActionBase ActionBase is a shop floor to top floor quality management application designed to streamline your entire organization’s goals, contracts, compliance, and relationships by aligning your company, leadership team, employees, and vendors in a single interface. GOVERNANCE, RISK, & COMPLIANCE Manage your organization’s risks, compliance, SOX, internal auditing, and business continuity under one application. QUALITY […]